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    What's happening at California Baptist University?

    Lecturer urges CBU students to use their passions to make a positive impact

    "Honor God, yourself and the world by knowing who you are, what makes your heart sink and break. That fertile soil where your passions combine can lead to beautiful things for you and the world," Curtis Romjue told an audience at California Baptist University.

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    CBU professor serves to make Christ known in the action-sports scene

    During the workweek, Dr. Monica O'Rourke is busy teaching and helping her CBU Online students. But along with her regular job, she is also a passionate weekend warrior for Christ.

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    CBU professor receives federal grant to study youth drug prevention

    A federal grant awarded to Dr. Robert G. LaChausse, department chair and associate professor of public health sciences at California Baptist University, will fund a five-year study of drug prevention among youth in Riverside County.

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