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Join tour guides Natalie and Ethan as they take you on a guided tour through CBU's 131-acre campus. Visit the tour map now!

So much to do near CBU

So much to do near CBU Part 1

The CBU college experience is much more than academic. The most memorable years of your life will likely be made discovering your purpose with exciting times and close friends. Did you think it was possible to go to class, the mountains, the beach and the desert in the same day? California Baptist University students never get bored because … there is so much to do near CBU.

CBU Girls' Day Out

So much to do near CBU Part 2

The experiences you share at CBU will stay with you for a lifetime. Whether you and your best girlfriends are walking on the beach; riding bikes in a park; shopping at your favorite store or re-connecting over a cup of joe's friends that give it meaning. California Baptist University students have so many opportunities to go on adventures and make new friends …there really is so much to do near CBU.

Confused about financial aid?

Confused about financial aid?

Applying for Pell grants, Cal grants, scholarships, Stafford loans, Perkins loans, Parent loans, subsidized, unsubsidized, tax forms, dates and deadlines can be confusing. You may ask, "How does anybody do this?!" Don’t give up. You’re not alone. Most people feel lost when dealing with financial aid. It doesn’t have to be that way. CBU will help you through the process and find the money you need to finance your education.

CBU College of Engineering

CBU College of Engineering

CBU's College of Engineering combines solid technical training with people skills in a Christian context. Besides traditional vocational destinations, people trained as engineers go on to become lawyers, doctors, K-12 teachers, University professors, business entrepreneurs, salesperson, pastors and missionaries.

CBU School of Nursing

CBU School of Nursing

The practice of nursing is one of the most noble and rewarding callings that an individual can pursue and the need and opportunity for skilled nurses has never been greater. Learn more about the unique approach CBU's School of Nursing takes in training the next generation of professional nurses.

CBU Collinsworth School of Music

CBU School of Music

CBU's Ferne and Shelby Collinsworth School of Music is one of the best music colleges in California because we hold our students to high standards, standards that encourage them to be the very best persons, students and musicians that they can be.