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Graphic Design & Digital Media

The Graphic Design and Digital Media Program at California Baptist University is structured to develop the student’s God-Given talents in graphic design, photography, web design and video/animation.… /explore-cbu/schools-colleges/graphic-design-digital-media


CBU’s Architecture major creates a rich academic environment marked by the confluence of advanced practice, contemporary theory and social engagement. Our primary goal is to help students develop the… /explore-cbu/schools-colleges/architecture

Film Studies

Film arguably is the most culturally influential artistic medium in our era, and CBU is geographically located in close proximity to the beating heart of the American filmmaking industry. This major… /explore-cbu/schools-colleges/film-studies

Visual Arts

California Baptist University’s visual arts program immerses students in the history and practice of the spectrum of visual arts, from fine art to film—all from a distinctly biblical worldview. An… /explore-cbu/schools-colleges/visual-arts

Creative and Innovative Leadership

Creative leaders are needed if we are to develop unique solutions to chronic problems. This seminar briefly explores how traditional schools and society have stifled, if not killed, creativity and… /explore-cbu/news-events/event/creative-and-innovative-leadership

Ethical Principles for Leaders: Navigating Wicked Problems

Making ethical decisions when the issues are black and white is easy. Making ethical decisions when the issues are “gray” (when alternative and equally moral solutions exist), otherwise known as… /explore-cbu/news-events/event/ethical-principles-leaders-navigating-wicked-problems

Leadership and Change

This seminar provides a discussion of the leadership of change in relation to the complexities of organizational life. The seminar takes both a theoretical and practical approach to the issues of… /explore-cbu/news-events/event/leadership-and-change

Leadership Panel

Hear important perspectives and advice for leadership from seasoned leaders. The panel of speakers will provide insights and encouragement for successful leadership. /explore-cbu/news-events/event/leadership-panel

Leading Behind the Scenes

The myth of leadership, lack of a formal leadership title, or just plain bad bosses often precludes people from taking on formal leadership roles and responsibilities. The case is made that ordinary… /explore-cbu/news-events/event/leading-behind-scenes