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Master of Science in Nursing

CBU’s Master of Science in Nursing program (MSN) is designed to broaden student’s theoretical knowledge base as a means pursuing nursing career advancement and healthcare leadership opportunities as well as preparing for future doctoral study.  Master of science in nursing students’ develop, test and evaluate concepts in nursing while critically examining ideas, research, and theories in relation to health issues and clinical practice in preparation for direct and indirect care.

CBU School of Nursing MSN curriculum meets the accreditation standards of Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and offers students their choice of four concentrations:

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

The Clinical Nurse Specialist concentration will prepare the master of science in nursing student for direct interaction with young adult, adult, and older adult patients to improve quality of life. Evidence-based strategies will be demonstrated as the student develops specialized expertise and skills to think critically and problem solve.


Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

The Family Nurse Practitioner concentration will provide students an overview of contemporary family structure and functioning from a theoretical perspective. This will prepare graduates to offer primary care on the local, state, national and global level.


Healthcare Systems Management

MSN students who select Healthcare Systems Management as their concentration area examine roles in nursing administration emphasizing clinical outcomes management, care environment management and inter-professional collaboration.



MSN students in the Teaching-Learning concentration area analyze selected teaching and learning models that are applicable to nursing education, including course development, research and instructional strategies with didactic and practicum teaching opportunities.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Science in Nursing Program at California Baptist University is to support the university’s mission and build on baccalaureate nursing education for the purpose of preparing nurse leaders in the profession and discipline. Students will broaden their nursing theoretical, practice, and research knowledge within an ever-changing healthcare system.


Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing

Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing Designed for candidates who hold a non-nursing baccalaureate degree who are interested in transitioning into the field of nursing and/or pursuing a doctoral degree. CBU’s Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing (EL MSN) offers applicants the opportunity to become a licensed RN, and then complete post-licensure coursework to earn a Master of Science in Nursing.


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