School of Nursing


Admission Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is designed for both first-time freshman and transfer students who want to earn a bachelors degree in Nursing.

One hundred sixty students are selected for the BSN program annually, eighty students for the fall semester that starts in September, and eighty students are selected for the spring semester that starts in January.

Selection criteria includes the cumulative GPA, science GPA , RN Pre-Entrance Exam (PAX) score, letters of recommendation, experience and completion of the prerequisite courses. A minimum overall 2.700 college/university GPA is required on a 4-point scale. All prerequisites must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. CBU students with a minimum of one full-time semester completed prior to the application period are considered for admission prior to considering students enrolled in their first semester at CBU or transfer students.

We have more applicants for the BSN program than we have spaces available and we are very selective.We consider students with completed units from CBU prior to enrolled CBU students and then we will consider transfer students. Although the minimum required cumulative GPA is a 2.7, the average GPA of the students accepted to the BSN program this year are as follows:

Cumulative GPA          3.5
Science GPA               3.26
PAX Test Verbal         67% correct

PAX Test Math           78% correct

PAX Test Science        68% correct

PAX Composite          127 Average

LVN’s licensed in the State of California may be accepted into the program based on transfer of credit on a space available basis. A 30-unit LVN option is available on a space and course available basis. (Currently this option is NOT available.)

Admission Requirements

  • Acceptance to California Baptist University as a pre-nursing student
  • Submission of a School of Nursing online application including program specific requirements  
  • Criminal Background check clearance/drug screening (once accepted)
  • Health clearance (once accepted)
  • Overall cumulative GPA of 2.7 or better on a 4-point scale. A cumulative GPA of 2.7 alone does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
  • RN Pre-entrance Exam (PAX-RN)
  • Completion of the following prerequisites (or their equivalent) with a minimum grade of "C" in each: CHE 102 Fundamentals of Chemistry (3), CHE 112 Organic and Biochemistry for Health Services w/lab (4), BIO 153/163 Human Anatomy and Physiology (8), BIO 205 Human Microbiology w/lab (4), ENG 113/123 English Composition (6), SPC 113 Oral Communication (3), MAT 115 Intermediate Algebra or STA144*(3), PSY 120 Lifespan Development (3)
  • An interview with the BSN admissions committee

*applicants applying to the fall 2015 program and later must take an introductory statistics course.

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