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Tips for a Successful Application

Tips For a Successful Application

Print Legibly If your Mama can’t read it, neither can we! Information in your application will be used to contact you regarding your housing assignment. Please be sure your name, address, phone number, and email address are printed clearly. If we have any questions, we will want to be able to get in touch with you.

Complete the form yourself for more accurate information It may be easier or look nicer if someone fills it out for you, but their answers on your behalf won’t be as accurate as your own answers. This information is used to pair you up with a roommate. Be honest!

Complete all spaces that apply to you. Skipping something you think may not be important may have a big impact on our matching process. For example:

• Bedtime: What time you get up or go to sleep will be very important at 6:00 am if your alarm doesn’t go off with your roommate’s!

• Music Styles: Country/Western? Classical? Rap? We have learned that some music styles are a love/hate relationship and we try not to mix the two!

• Organization: Have you heard of “The Odd Couple”? One slob and one neat-freak just doesn’t work well in a dorm room – let us know if you are organized or not. Provide any information that may affect your room and/or roommate assignment What kind of roommate you would like to live with is as important as the kind of roommate you would not. Everyone comes from a different background. If something isn’t asked in one of the questions, attach a sheet of paper with any additional information you feel is important in making a room and/or roommate assignment.

Return Everything - SIGNED! Imagine The Declaration of Independence without John Hancock’s signature. We need all three items (housing application, housing agreement, and housing deposit) in order for your application to be complete and ready to go. Double-check that all the requested pieces are included before mailing them off.

Read the Housing Agreement – it is information you need to know. We know it looks long and boring but each piece of information is something you will need to know – NOW or LATER!

Questions? Call (951-343-4300) or Email ( our office if you have any questions We are here to help! Please let us know if there are any questions. Our office hours are 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Thursday and 8 am to 5 pm on Fridays. If you think of a question at 2 in the morning, or if you prefer, fire off an email and we will get back to you right away. We can find the answer to most of your questions, except why the chicken crossed the road!