Current Students

May 2014 Commencement

Cap and Gown Portraits


Celebrate your CBU achievement with a portrait of significance.

The photographer will
come one final time on Thursday, April 24 from 12-7pm in the Gameroom.

Students can choose between two options: Formal cap and gown portraits or business portraits.

Cap, gown, tassel, hood (for Master's students), Great Commission stoles and honors cords will be provided for the photos.

How to dress for your portrait session:

            For cap & gown portraits only, simply arrive in your everyday clothes. Caps & gowns
            will be available for use during the event.

            Ladies: a V-neck shirt is ideal due to the cut of your graduation gown. For business             portraits, please arrive dressed in your desired attire. A hair & makeup mirror will be             available.

            Gentlemen: studio lighting will enhance the visibility of any facial stubble if you have
            not recently shaved.

In addition to your individual portraits, group photographs can also be taken with friends or family.

From start to finish, the entire process should only take a few minutes. There is no sales pitch, no sitting fee, and nothing to buy at the event. Your proofs will be password protected online for you to view at your convenience.

Click here for more information and Pricing for Graduation Portraits.

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